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In late 2014, our UK founders together with two South African horticultural specialists first decided to develop the idea of pioneering a legal medical cannabis cultivation operation in Lesotho to supply the world’s burgeoning legal markets needing medical grade cannabis.

We knew Lesotho was already historically known for growing cannabis easily, mainly due to its unique topography with mineral rich soils, natural spring waters & high altitudes.

Although at the time it was illegal to cultivate cannabis or “Dagga’ as known locally, its primary purpose was as a subsistence crop that provided food and education resources for the poor villages & farmers.

This was most definitely, an untapped opportunity to develop the first legalised cannabis cultivation for medical purposes on the Roof of Africa, in this Sovereign country called The Kingdom of Lesotho.

We knew if this staggeringly beautiful country legalised this opportunity through its government given the right education and knowledge of this already globally legalised phenomenon, would without question bring huge economic and social development to the benefit of its country and Basotho people.

Once we had gained a clear line of sight to further develop we duly acted as unofficial ambassadors for Lesotho helping to gain further international exposure. We in turn attracted huge appetite for foreign investment that would then help provide all the requisite expertise, specialised knowledge and technology to cultivate world class quality cannabis ethically, and become the 1st African country to cultivate in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our firm intention we believe still to this day is that Lesotho becomes recognised internationally as a world class cultivator of cGMP compliant medical grade cannabis product in various forms exporting to international sophisticated markets globally.


Our journey to legalisation

Lesotho early 2015 gave start to the first 24 months developing the licence in Lesotho. Our activities involved engaging international consultants, licensed growers & specialist scientists to assist us with our journey.

Over that period we very much adopted a hearts & minds approach with the local Basotho people to understand more about how farmers had cultivated ‘Dagga’ for 1000’s of years primarily seeing its purpose as a sustenance crop.

We helped to explain how the worlds perception was rapidly changing eradicating prohibition to allow legalised cultivation given the huge advances in cannabis medicines since its 1st recorded use over 6,000 years ago. These advances gained through more advanced understanding of the plants 143 known different cannaboids and its harmonious connection with the human endocannaboidal system.

Throughout the early days we extensively connected with local councils leaders, constituency chiefs, advocates, commissioner of police, government ministers and their civil servant principal secretaries eventually through to several private audiences with the Lesotho Prime Minister.

We explained how legalisation would further ensure direct foreign investment, local job creation, international skills transfer, utilisation of the higher educated skills workforce in agricultural, scientific, technology & renewable energy sectors not to mention providing the country with new tax revenue streams, that many western countries were already hugely benefiting from having already legalised its use.

Notable milestones

  • Sep 16 - Registered ‘Medi Kingdom’ in Lesotho for Medical Cannabis Cultivation
  • Feb 17 - Medi Kingdom awarded the 1st & only provisional cannabis operators licence in Lesotho
  • Apr 17 - Formed our charity to help OVC’s Medi Kingdom Foundation (PTY) Reg No. 57794
  • May 17 - Medi Kingdom awarded the 1st African full cannabis Operators Licence No. 18/08/01/2017
  • Jun 17 - Harvested 5,000 sq.mtr of cannabis genetics cultivated under the provisional R & D Licence
  • Jul 17 - MK Foundation starts winter food programme providing 20,000 hot meals to children
  • Sep 17 - Formed Medi Kingdom Research in UK in partnership with renowned Manchester scientist
  • Feb 18 - Medi Kingdom successfully gains 1st ever Canada Health approval to export cannabis to Canada
  • Mar 18 - 1st African company to successfully export cannabis flower to Canada since prohibition
  • Jul 18 - Medi Kingdom converted to a Lesotho public company & engaged international capital markets
  • Aug 18 - Medi Kingdom has Letter of Intent with international listed cannabis companies for supply
  • Sep 18 - Medi Kingdom secures multi million dollar funding from international private investors
  • Oct 18 - Medi Kingdom is approved for listing on capital market exchanges
  • Nov 18 - Medi Kingdom approved for imports by the Australian Office of Drugs Control (ODC)
  • Dec 18 - Inaugural opening of our 42Ha Medi Central Site with Lesotho Prime Minister & his Cabinet

In 2019 we will commence global exports of medical grade cannabis flower cultivated from the latest state of the art cGMP greenhouse facilities.

Medi Kingdom Lesotho Licence No : 18/08/01/2017

The ‘01’ in our licence no. 18/08/01/2017 denotes Medi Kingdom as the 1st License presented by the Lesotho Ministry of Health given to cultivate, manufacture, supply, hold, import, export and transit a prohibited drug namely Cannabis.

Lesotho Cannabis Regulations

Medi Kingdom complies to the following:-

  • Drugs of Abuse Act (No.5), 2008
  • Drugs of Abuse (Cannabis) Regulations, 2018
1st ‘Provisional Operators Licence’ awarded in Lesotho

1st ‘Provisional Operators Licence’ awarded in Lesotho

1st ‘cannabis flower’ legally exported to Canada since prohibition

1st ‘cannabis flower’ legally exported to Canada since prohibition

1st ‘outdoor cannabis cultivation’ grown legally in Lesotho

1st ‘outdoor cannabis cultivation’ grown legally in Lesotho under the Medi Kingdom ‘Provisional Operators Licence’.


Medi Kingdom operates 3 sites in Lesotho namely ‘Medi-Central’, 'Medi-Heights’ & ‘Medi-Fields’ with a total combined land area of over 50 Hectares for our vertically integrated licensed cannabis operations.

All our facilities are constructed and operated to uphold the highest European GAP/GMP/GLP standards overseen by international compliance consultants to ensure we provide the highest level quality production for global export.

Cannabis compliance

Site operations

  • State of the art climate controlled GAP greenhouses provided by recognised specialists
  • Advanced Security systems including fencing, CCTV, biometrics & 24hr armed manned patrols
  • Full seed to sale software / hardware, RFID tagging, multiple sites, cloud servers
  • Packaging facilities for product export fully GMP/BPP compliant
  • Transport between sites by unmarked GPS tracked, seed to sale linked vehicles
  • Infrastructure includes backup generators, storage, on site maintenance & renewable energies
  • All Staff have full criminal and background checks carried out
  • International experts / consultants engaged to provide skills transfer to local skilled & unskilled personnel
  • Social responsibility includes environmental impacts, local employment & social engagement projects


Global distribution

We export globally
Our licence allows export of Cannabis and its related forms to any legal market internationally.


  • March 2018, Medi Kingdom was the 1st company on the African Continent to legally export cannabis flower to Canada since prohibition in 1937.
  • October 2018, Medi Kingdom was approved by the Australian Office of Drugs Control (ODC) to allow import of Cannabis from Lesotho

International Trade Benefits
Not only do we cultivate cannabis from an energy advantageous geographical location, historically proven natural cannabis growing climate, ethical low cost skilled workforce combined with the latest cGMP facilities to meet all international countries import standards.

Lesotho has “Duty Free” trade agreements with virtually all western legalised countries.

Africa Cannabis Report

Social Responsibility

Medi Kingdom Logo

In May 2017 we formed and registered ‘Medi Kingdom Foundation (PTY)’ as a Lesotho non profit (registration no.57794) to assist Orphans and Vulnerable Children with food, clothes, sports initiatives & medicines.

Medi Kingdom Foundation (PTY)
Medi Kingdom Foundation meeting RH Prime Minister Dr. Thomas Thabane

Lesotho, July 2017 a gala dinner was held in our honour, pictures shows the Medi Kingdom Foundation team including our founder James Mather, our UK football premier league sports ambassador, Chief Social Development Officer amongst others standing proudly with the Lesotho Prime Minister Dr. Thomas Thabane & 1st Lady, The Hon. Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Monyane Moleleki together with all their esteemed cabinet ministers & Principal Secretaries.

Lesotho Humanitarian Aid
Social Responsibility
Founder James Mather

To date we have provided over 20,000 hot nutritious meals, sponsored local football teams and also provided over $500,000 worth of free medicines.

To date we have over 11,000 followers and a 5 star rating on our facebook page or see our foundation activities on YouTube.

As part of our corporate social responsibility we are pleased to announce our latest project for 2019:

New Medi Qoaling Stadium Logo

Medi Qoaling Stadium

Located near our head office ‘Medi-Central’ we have plans during 2019 to build and sponsor a new football stadium for the local community in the historical district of Qoaling.

Media / Sponsorship enquiries for the stadium project please email this link directly.

Medi Kingdom Logo


Company Information


Head office address:
Medi Kingdom Ltd, Medi-Central, Maseru, 100, Lesotho

Postal address
Medi Kingdom Ltd, P/Box 7554, Maseru, 100, Lesotho

Registered company number

Our Cannabis Operators Licence No.


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